How We ALL Win!

Customers Win

  • Best Rewards program in the Industry 4-12% cash back on every order!
  • Dependable, Local Variety & Support, Free Food Tastings delivered
  • Help Local Cancer Patients & the Community Thrive!
  • Catering Assistant for Busy Sales Reps & more!

Friend Referrals Win

  • Earn up to $500 for each referral (No Limit)
  • Help your Catering Friend earn 4-12% cash back
  • Help Local Cancer Patients & the Community Thrive!
  • Refer a Friend Now & start earning!

Community Wins

  • More Money stays in our community. (Millions!)
  • Helps Local Cancer patients during treatments pay their bills if they can’t work.
  • Creates jobs, helps Restaurants & better pay for Delivery Drivers
  • Special discounts for Schools & Churches

Be a 21st Century Pioneer! Join the Movement that Fills your Heart & Wallet, one Delicious Bite at a Time!

What LoCo Does To Help Everyone Win


What our customers say about LoCo Tampa Bay catering


A Personal Delivery & Thank you

Includes $25 GC, Pastry Tray & Your Food Order Reward (Avg $12 to $24) & Cancer Charity Donation.

Compliments of
La Segunda

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Drive with Us

"LoCo treats us like family, even as 1099s. I can make great part-time income quickly with flexible hours, perfect for retirees like me. Plus, knowing I'm delivering delicious food for a company that does good in Tampa Bay feels great."

Mary M.

Become a LoCo restaurant

“Working with Loco Tampa Bay has been a very simple and profitable process. It has generated a lot of new business for us. I recommend them to everybody”

Mark Ferguson , Fergs Sports Bar

The LoCo team would like to Thank YOU for your Support!

Join the LoCo restaurant owners/pioneers (Class of 2021) below as we build a
“One of a Kind” Catering Marketplace that Keeps
More Money in our Community where EVERYONE WINS!

"The national competitor takes millions out of Tampa Bay every year. We're saying 'enough is enough.' LoCo is the local alternative, offering more local options, better rewards, and a chance to keep our community strong."

Pete Boland, Mary Margaret’s & The Galley

"LoCo isn't just about catering. It's about standing together. By choosing LoCo, you're supporting local businesses, rewarding loyal customers, and even helping local cancer patients. It's a powerful way to make a difference, one delicious meal at a time."

Jon La Budde, Big Catch & Buya Ramen