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Where do you deliver?
Catering orders will be delivered up to 20 miles.

How long will my delivery take?
Catering orders must be placed by 5pm the day before your scheduled event.  Orders will be delivered within 30 mins of your scheduled delivery time and no more than 5 minutes after your scheduled time.  (example:  Schedule delivery for 11:30am.  Delivery will be made between 11am and 11:30am)

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery fees for catering start at $25 for the first 5 miles from restaurant and goes up $10 for every additional 5 miles up to 20 miles. Catering orders includes buffet set up.  

Do your drivers work for tips?
Yes, all our drivers gladly accept gratuities for their services. Think of them as your waiter that incur cost to deliver your meal (gas/car maintenance, tolls, etc.), so we recommend 10% to 15% for caterings. Tips are added at check out.

Does the delivery fee count as my tip?

Our drivers work for tips and the delivery fee is not a tip. When you go to checkout, you will be asked if you'd like to add a pre-tip. If you aren't sure how much to tip, our software can automatically calculate a 15%, 20%, or a 25% tip for your convenience. 

What if I have an issue with my order?
Our goal is total satisfaction.  We will work with the restaurant to get it right.  If there is something missing or incorrect with your order, we will try to remedy it the best we can, whether by sending a driver back to you or refunding part of your money.  Our cancelation policy is based on the restaurants policy for the most part.  We will do our best to work out a solution that is fair for both the customer and restaurant.  

If I’m refunded some money or I cancel my order, why do I still see a charge on my bank account?
We do not finalize payments until the end of the day. When you place an order, the funds are captured as a pending transaction to ensure they will be available when it's time to charge you. The pending charge will drop off of your statement, or the charge will be corrected, at the end of the night.

I have a different question than the ones listed here. Should I just call you?

You can feel free to call our office during business hours at 727.610.8686 OR "CHAT" us on our homepage

What is the comment box?

Once you check-out, you will have the option to leave a customer comment. Please drop us a note! We love to hear your feedback; tell us how we are doing and it may appear on our site. Please do not use this box to give directions, request a cancellation, refund, or anything that may require immediate attention. For that, call us at 727.610.8686 OR chat us online.

What is “drop off” catering?

When a group meal for 5 or more people is delivered on-time and setup buffet style to include paper products. Typically, food is served in bulk, like sandwich platers, half and full pans of hot entrees which may include a disposable chaffing dish setup. This is typical for corporate customers and casual events to include parties, graduations, anniversaries and just about any event requiring food for large groups.

When can I expect my catering to be delivered?

Loco drivers will arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled delivery time. Our standard practice is to set up the meal buffet style, but we are OK with just dropping off, but would like to know prior to delivery.

My office or delivery location is hard to find?
Please help our drivers by providing as much delivery details as possible. This includes if driver needs to check in with security, park in a certain location, use a code to enter facility or carry food up steps, etc. Delivery details are very important to ensure timely delivery.