Introducing the BEST rewards program in the industry!

Cash back rewards for customers and friend referrals for supporting local. Rewards include Visa, Amazon, Target, Home Depot & Walmart gift cards. Food credit and charity donation.

Do you order Catering for your office or customers? Earn Big Rewards

Earn 4 reward points for every dollar you spend (equivalent to 4%) on your food & beverage (F&B) spend when ordering online.

Example: Place a LoCo $300 order X .04% = $12 VS National company $300 X .01% = $3 Your choice $12 from LoCo or $3 from the national company?

We believe customers should be rewarded more for their loyalty! NOT give it back to the corporate giant. Putting more money in your pocket is good for the community.

Earn Restaurant BONUS rewards!

Restaurants can bonus customers from 1% to 8%

Example: Select a Restaurant that offers 4% bonus + LoCo base rewards 4% = 8%

Place a $300 catering order $300 X .08% = $24 cash back

Look for the “Bonus X%” just under the restaurant name display.

Inquire about our Special discounts for Schools & Churches

Please note: Orders placed by phone or email are subject to a 2 point per dollar deduction. There is NO limit on reward earnings.

Refer a Friend and get rewarded up to $500

Do you know someone who orders catering for office meetings?

i.e. Pharmaceutical reps, Administrators, Office Managers, Training coordinators, Sales reps, etc.

Instead of paying Google thousands of dollars for online marketing like our competitors, we prefer
to keep our marketing dollars in the community and PAY YOU for spreading the word

How it works:

Refer a friend and get paid $5 on each catering order your friend places up to 100 orders x $5 = $500 per referral. (No limit)

Your friend will get the minimum 4% base rewards plus a $25 bonus on their first order.

While YOU are earning $5 for every order they place, YOUR friend is earning approximately *$12+ on every order.

YOU can earn up to $500 and YOUR friend can earn up to *$1,200 or more when placing 100 orders. Rewards will continue for YOUR friend with no limits. (*Based on Avg. $300 F&B)

PLUS you both can feel good as LoCo donates 1.5% of sales to the FL Cancer Specialist Foundation on every order to help local cancer patients.

Help yourself, your friends and the community!

LoCo “Catering” Reward Tiers

Catering Spend Points Achieved Reward
$625 2,500 $25
$1,250 5,000 $50
$2,500 10,000 $100

After cashing in your points, any unused points are yours to keep! Points are subject to expiration after one year of account inactivity. The program is subject to change at any time.

Enter referrals and watch your cash back rewards grow everyday!